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Chat21 SDK demo for iOS

Today in Frontiere21 SRL, we just released a preliminary version of our open source Chat21 SDK iOS Demo, built on Firebase.

contacts-mockup-2.png  conversations-mockup-2.png  messages-mockup.png

This is a good starting point to easily integrate realtime messaging features into your existing iOS mobile application.

This demo shows you the following features:

  • Tab based chat application
  • Recent conversations’ list
  • Direct message (one to one message)
  • Offline messages’ history
  • Received receipts (you can see if a message was sent and delivered)
  • Presence Manager with online/offline and inactivity period indicator
  • Integration of a custom user profile’s view
  • Signup/Login with email and password
  • Synchronized contacts (with offline search and selection)
  • Integrates an example of a mobile live-chat support (an “help” button on the top left corner of every tab)

Besides showing community chat features, this app also allows for self registration


and finally the app has a built-in button to show how easy it is to embed a live chat for customer support directly into your iOS App:

home.png topic-selection.png first-message.png talk-to-agent.png

All help conversations will stay into your conversations’ history, available also in offline mode. In this example you can see the conversation with Jennifer (support) in the chat history:


If you want to provide your support’s agents with a more suitable desktop chat you can download, install and configure our open source web component available at https://github.com/chat21/chat21-ionicA screenshot of chat21-ionic demo

Try it by yourself by downloading the project directly from GitHub:


Follow the included instructions to setup the project.

Feel free to ask for support to info@tiledesk.com.