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Chat21 SDK – Project overview

Chat21 is the chat sdk designed to embed chat features into your iOS, Android or Web App. Chat21 is open source, easy to embed, multi platform and supported by my Company,  Frontiere21 SRL.

The project’s source code is hosted on GitHub here and distributed under the AGPLv3 – GNU Affero General Public License licence. A commercial licence is also available.

Main target of Chat21 is to support as many client platforms as possible. Here follows a list of the actually available Clients:

The backend implementation of the platform relies on Firebase (https://firebase.google.com). You can find the backend source code, complete with installation instructions, here on GitHub:

If you are interested in developing your first chat application with iOS, we just released our new Get Started tutorial: Your first iOS App with Chat21 SDK.

Chat21 is also hosted as demo App on iTunes and Google Play.



A live demo of the web chat is available online here.

Happy coding

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Chat21 SDK demo for iOS

Today in Frontiere21 SRL, we just released a preliminary version of our open source Chat21 SDK iOS Demo, built on Firebase.

contacts-mockup-2.png  conversations-mockup-2.png  messages-mockup.png

This is a good starting point to easily integrate realtime messaging features into your existing iOS mobile application.

This demo shows you the following features:

  • Tab based chat application
  • Recent conversations’ list
  • Direct message (one to one message)
  • Offline messages’ history
  • Received receipts (you can see if a message was sent and delivered)
  • Presence Manager with online/offline and inactivity period indicator
  • Integration of a custom user profile’s view
  • Signup/Login with email and password
  • Synchronized contacts (with offline search and selection)
  • Integrates an example of a mobile live-chat support (an “help” button on the top left corner of every tab)

Besides showing community chat features, this app also allows for self registration


and finally the app has a built-in button to show how easy it is to embed a live chat for customer support directly into your iOS App:

home.png topic-selection.png first-message.png talk-to-agent.png

All help conversations will stay into your conversations’ history, available also in offline mode. In this example you can see the conversation with Jennifer (support) in the chat history:


If you want to provide your support’s agents with a more suitable desktop chat you can download, install and configure our open source web component available at https://github.com/chat21/chat21-ionicA screenshot of chat21-ionic demo

Try it by yourself by downloading the project directly from GitHub:


Follow the included instructions to setup the project.

Feel free to ask for support to info@tiledesk.com.



Open source desktop chat with Ionic3

We are proud to announce that our product Chat21, the open source chat framework, gets richer with another component written in Ionic3.

From the start of our project it was clear the need of a desktop version of our chat. The layout had to be similar to the one of Whatsapp or Telegram, with the conversations column on the left and the current conversation on the right. This App had to run on the web or deployed on a native App container, desktop or mobile (if possible).

So we took the decision to adopt the new Ionic framework who addresses many of these targets, mainly the expansion of the developed Apps to the kingdom of the desktop.

Now we have a desktop component of Chat21 with direct messages, delivery receipts, conversations’ list, presence manager, inactivity period, address book, responsive design and much more.

Live demo version here:


Download on GitHub: