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Chat21 SDK – Project overview

Chat21 is the chat sdk designed to embed chat features into your iOS, Android or Web App. Chat21 is open source, easy to embed, multi platform and supported by my Company,  Frontiere21 SRL.

The project’s source code is hosted on GitHub here and distributed under the AGPLv3 – GNU Affero General Public License licence. A commercial licence is also available.

Main target of Chat21 is to support as many client platforms as possible. Here follows a list of the actually available Clients:

The backend implementation of the platform relies on Firebase (https://firebase.google.com). You can find the backend source code, complete with installation instructions, here on GitHub:

If you are interested in developing your first chat application with iOS, we just released our new Get Started tutorial: Your first iOS App with Chat21 SDK.

Chat21 is also hosted as demo App on iTunes and Google Play.



A live demo of the web chat is available online here.

Happy coding